Van Zyl Audio Home Horn Speakers 

We originally started out developing home speakers, not for purposes of marketing, but for personal music enjoyment. We found that horn speakers provided superior dynamics and output but lacked musicality, deep powerful bass, and full frequency response, in addition to producing a very forward-sounding presentation. We liked the dynamic aspect but were not happy with the "downsides" of horn performance, so we started on a quest to overcome these problems one by one. This quest has lasted a total of 25 years to date. 

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The Van Zyl Audio 1812 Backfire is a back loaded horn using the renowned Audio Nirvana 12" full range driver. This driver/horn covers the frequency range from 42hz to around 18k. The horn works well with amplifiers as low as 2 watt, although 10 watt is optimal. 

The 1812's retail for $10,000.